As you make plans and preparations for a new fence installation, one of the many things to consider is the impact it may have on those living in close proximity to you. Being aware of proper fence etiquette will help ensure that your fence installation is a positive experience for both you and your neighbors. Keep reading for some tips to help you practice proper fence etiquette from your trusted fence company, Anvil Fence.

Good Communication is Important

The first tip of proper fence etiquette is to make sure that you keep the lines of communication with your neighbors open. As part of a community, it is important to consider the impact that changes to your property may have on your neighbors. Although it’s not required that you notify them, it is a gesture of goodwill to discuss your plans with those who will be affected. Doing this allows you to avoid any surprises or potential disputes in the future.   

Know Your Property Lines

The next tip of proper fence etiquette is to know where your property lines are and make certain that your new fence is built inside them. Even if you’re sure of where your property begins and ends, you should still double-check. Most counties now offer online maps that you can use to locate your property lines. You could also hire a qualified land surveyor to stake out your property boundary before installation.

Know Your Community Ordinances

The next fence etiquette tip is to make sure you are familiar with your neighborhood rules and local zoning ordinances. If you belong to a homeowner’s association (HOA), you can guarantee they will have certain regulations as far as fence height, materials, and even the colors that are allowed in your area. 


Even If you don’t live in an HOA, you can guarantee that there will be local zoning laws that may determine certain elements of the construction of your new fence. This is especially true if your house is on a corner lot since a tall fence in the front yard might interfere with the view of traffic approaching the intersection. Although your fencing contractor may be familiar with local zoning and HOA laws, it is not their obligation to ensure that your new fence complies with them, it is your responsibility as the homeowner. 


Fence maintenance is another important consideration when it comes to proper fence etiquette. Just like every other part of your home, a fence requires regular maintenance to keep it safe and looking its best. Different materials require varying levels of maintenance. 


Some materials, like wood, need more upkeep along with regular re-sealing. A fence made of vinyl or metal, on the other hand, will require much less maintenance. It’s also your responsibility to clean and maintain both sides of your fence. If it begins to age or starts to lean, it’s up to you to have it repaired or replaced.

Consider a Good Neighbor Fence

Lastly, we’ll discuss the position or placement of your fence. Depending on the type of fence you plan to build, one side may appear more attractive than the other. It’s common courtesy to face the finished side of the fence, also known as the “good” side, toward the street and your neighbor’s yard. However, if you install a neighbor-friendly fence that has an identical look on both sides, like an aluminum, ornamental iron, mixed material, or vinyl fence, you can have the best of both worlds! Let the pros at Boise, ID fence company, Anvil Fence show you the many options of fencing we have that will look great from either side. 

Many Options for your Treasure Valley, Idaho Residential Fence

When deciding which fence types will meet your home and family’s needs, as well as keep you in good standing with your neighbors, Boise, ID fence company Anvil Fence offers a variety of Treasure Valley, Idaho residential fence options. Choose from wood fencing, chain link fencing, vinyl fencing, ornamental iron fencing, mixed material fencing, and aluminum fencing.


Boise, ID fence company Anvil Fence is the premier name in quality fencing solutions in the Treasure Valley, ID area. We deliver top-of-the-line fence options that are superior in quality and style. Our fences bring style, elegance, and security to your home and property. Our Treasure Valley, Idaho residential fence options come in a variety of choices that can be styled in an open design as well as privacy styles.

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