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Gate Access Control - Boise Idaho

Installing premier automatic gate and access control systems for the Boise Idaho region and beyond.

Ideal for commercial and residential properties alike, automatic gates create convenient entry points that improve the security of your property. At Anvil Fence Company, we offer a wide range of automatic gates and access control systems to meet your needs. Whether you are attempting to monitor entry for a large gate community, your local business, or your home, we have you covered.

When you work with the most experienced fence company in the Boise Idaho area, you can rest assured knowing that your automatic gate project is in good hands. Trust in our expertise to deliver unparalleled quality, reliability, and customizable gate systems that redefine convenience.

Gate Solutions - Boise Idaho

Gate Solutions for Every Situation

Anvil Fence Company is a leading provider of fence and gate solutions for residential and commercial applications in Boise Idaho and the surrounding area.

From custom gates to a wide variety of automatic gate openers and access control solutions, the team at Anvil Fence Company is fully trained and certified to install and maintain each of these systems.

See below for some of our most popular fence and gate solutions in Boise and across the great state of Boise Idaho.

Residential Gate Solutions - Boise Idaho

Residential Gates

We install all types of residential gates for homeowners in the Boise Idaho area.

Light Commercial Gate Solutions - Boise Idaho

Light Commercial Gates

We are one of the leading installers of fencing and gate solutions for light commercial applications.

Commercial Gate Solutions - Boise Idaho

Commercial Gates

Anvil Fence Company has built an incredible reputation as one of the top commercial gate contractors in our area and across the United States.

Industrial Gate Solutions - Boise Idaho

Industrial Gates

No job is too big for Anvil Fence Company. We have all of the experience and expertise necessary for even the largest industrial gate projects.

custom Gate Solutions - Boise Idaho

Custom Gates

The team at Anvil Fence Company can create every type of custom gate solution and design out of nearly any material available.

Access control systems - Boise Idaho

Access Control Systems

As a fully licensed and insured gate operator contractor, your safety and security is our number one priority.

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Automatic gates provide a level of convenience and security that is difficult to replicate in manual gates. Additionally, automatic gates can be equipped with access control systems to ensure only authorized individuals can gain entry, creating additional security and safety for your business or home.

Gate access control systems work by requiring a form of identification from anyone who wants to enter or exit a property through a gate. This can include entering a code on a keypad, presenting a card or fob to a reader, or using a mobile app to gain access.

Yes, gate access control can be integrated with other security systems such as surveillance cameras or alarm systems. This can provide a more comprehensive security solution for your property.

Automatic gates should be inspected regularly to ensure that the materials and machinery are in good working condition. Regularly inspect the gate materials to catch any signs of weathering, breakdown, or rusting before it compromises the integrity of your fence.

Gate access control systems can be very secure, as they require some form of identification to enter or exit a property. However, the level of security will depend on the specific system you choose and how it is implemented. The strength of the automatic gate the access control system is installed on can also impact the security of an access control system.

The cost of a gate access control system will depend on the type of system you choose, the number of gates you need to control, and the level of customization required. Please contact our experts to learn more about options and costs.

Yes, many Southwestern Idaho gate access control systems can be installed on existing gates, although some modifications may be required. It is best to consult with a professional fence company to determine the best solution for your specific needs. We can help you decide how to best customize your existing gate.

Yes! All of our access control systems are professionally installed under the guidelines of both the UL and ASTM acceptable practices.

The ASTM and UL standards set important guidelines and recommendations for the safety and quality of materials and installations. We are 100% committed to meeting these standards for each of our projects, whether residential or commercial. This ensures that each of our fence and gate projects meets the highest levels of strength, safety, and quality.

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