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Commercial chain link fencing - where security meets affordability in Southwestern Idaho.

Constructed from high-quality materials, our commercial chain link fences in the Boise Idaho area offer exceptional durability and resistance to the elements. Whether you require a secure perimeter for your warehouse or commercial property, our chain link fences provide a cost-effective and reliable solution.

At Anvil Fence Company, our skilled fence craftsmen will customize your chain link fence to suit your specific requirements, including height, gauge, and coatings, for added protection against rust and corrosion. Choose durability, affordability, and reliability with our exceptional commercial chain link fencing solutions.

Commercial Chain Link Fencing Key Features

We specialize in additional high security features - providing ultimate security and peace-of-mind.

Our metal posts are up to 50% thicker than other posts used for commercial fencing.

Our metal wire is thicker, stronger, and is fully coated for maximum strength and durability against the elements and tampering.

key features of commercial chain link fencing in Boise Idaho

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Popular Options

These are some of the most popular options for commercial chain link fencing in the Boise Idaho area.

privacy options for chain link fencing in the Boise Idaho area

Commercial Chain Link Fencing Privacy Options

You can get great privacy with a chain link fence by adding colored PVC or vinyl-coated slats inserted between the chain link fabric. This may not completely create full privacy, but it is great for providing very limited visibility through your fence. Colored vinyl screens can also be attached to your fence to create a semi-private barrier.

color options for chain link fencing in the Boise Idaho area

Commercial Chain Link Fencing Color Options

Choosing PVC or vinyl-coated commercial chain link fencing from Good Shepherd Fence Company means you get to choose between our great color options. Our most available colors are black, brown, or green, though it is possible to special order from a selection of our manufacturer's other color options.

Security options for Chain Link Fencing in Boise Idaho

Commercial Chain Link Fencing Security Options

Commercial chain link fences are great for general security on their own, but when you need a fence that is built for high security, it's wise to add barbed wire or razor wire to the top of the fence frame. The options are endless! Speak to our team of fence experts to meet your specific security needs.

Chain Link Fencing Common Uses

Chain link fencing can be used for a wide range of applications, including security fencing for commercial and industrial properties, boundary fencing for residential properties, and even as a barrier for sports fields and playgrounds.

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Chain Link Security Fencing in Boise Idaho

Chain Link Security Fence

Chain link fences' strong steel mesh is the reason they are often used to increase security on many Boise Idaho area properties. The ability to build these fences with heavier-gauge mesh at different heights and to even add barbed wire and other deterrents makes them an easy choice for security fencing.

Chain Link Semi-Privacy Fencing in Boise Idaho

Chain Link Semi-Privacy Fence

If you like the look and strength of chain link fencing but want privacy, just add colored vinyl privacy slats! The ease of having slats inserted into the mesh of the chain link is a practical solution that many homeowners and business owners enjoy. This is a great option to keep your backyard less visible to neighbors or your company lot space more private with any stored materials.

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Chain link fences offer several advantages for commercial properties, including cost-effectiveness, durability, and low maintenance. They provide a strong and secure barrier, are resistant to rust and corrosion, and require minimal upkeep compared to other fence types. Additionally, commercial chain link fences offer visibility and can be customized with various height options and security enhancements.

Yes, chain link fences are versatile and can be used to secure a wide range of commercial properties. They are commonly used for businesses, warehouses, construction sites, schools, recreational facilities, parking lots, and more. Chain link fences can be customized to meet specific security requirements and can be installed in various heights and configurations.

Yes, chain link fences can be customized to suit your commercial property's specific needs. They are available in different heights, ranging from standard heights for boundary purposes to taller heights for increased security. Additionally, chain link fences can be coated with different finishes, such as vinyl or powder coating, to enhance the appearance and provide additional protection against weathering. We also offer the addition of privacy screens and windscreens for your commercial fence in Boise Idaho.

Chain link fences can provide effective security for commercial properties when combined with the right enhancements. Additional security features, such as barbed wire, privacy slats, or windscreens can be added to the chain link fence to increase its security level. It's important to consult with our professional fence installation service to determine the most suitable security enhancements for your specific commercial property.

Chain link fences require very little maintenance. Our professional-quality chain link fencing has been factory treated to prevent rust and corrosion and can be further enhanced with protective colored vinyl coating. We recommend clearing debris away from the bottom of the fence and maybe a quick squirt of the hose every once in a while. Commercial chain link fencing requires almost no attention or maintenance.

Commercial Chain Link Fence FAQs

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