Most of us would agree that the perfect fence strikes a balance between aesthetics, durability, and affordability. What if we told you there’s a fencing option that not only features all these elements but also brings modern innovations and versatility to the table? Welcome to the world of contemporary chain link fencing from your Idaho fence company, Anvil Fence Company. In this article, we’ll unveil the advancements in chain link design, its multiple uses, and why it’s increasingly becoming one of Boise’s favorite fencing choices. Get ready to see this classic fence in a new light!

Chain Link: Affordable and Appealing

Updated chain link fencing has shifted perceptions from rusty basic fences to contemporary, stylish barriers. Newer models include PVC coatings available in different colors, including black, brown, and green, as well as privacy slats, giving them an edge in aesthetics. In addition to PVC-coated Boise, ID chain link fences, galvanized chain link fences are a popular fence option in Idaho as well due to their affordability and long lifespan. Depending on the grade of the fence material installed on your property, a chain link fence can last for up to 20 years! Let’s take a closer look at some of the improvements and options available in chain link fencing from the most trusted Idaho fence company.

Durability of Galvanized Chain Link

When chain link fences are galvanized, it means they are steel coated with zinc. This type of treatment resists rust and wear, ensuring your Boise ID chain link fence endures elements like snow or rain. Given its durability, this fence type has become a top pick for residential and commercial properties in Idaho.

Advancements: PVC-Coated Chain Link

The evolution in fencing introduced PVC-coated chain link fences, which was a significant advancement. After galvanization, a PVC layer is added to the steel wire, enhancing its resistance against environmental factors. This makes it a great option for diverse applications. The PVC coating also introduces the possibility of having a black, brown, green, or other color for your Boise, ID chain link fence. 

Privacy with Chain Link Fences

For homeowners or businesses interested in enhancing privacy, integrating PVC slats with chain link fences is a smart move. These slats, available in various colors, not only enhance privacy but also elevate the fence’s appearance. Moreover, the privacy slats provide an enhanced barrier against prying eyes, ensuring a secure perimeter. Additionally, their design versatility ensures the fence complements the aesthetics of any property seamlessly.

Popular Uses for Chain Link Fence in Boise, ID

Creating Boundaries with a Chain Link Fence

Have you ever had a dispute over a property line? Or do you simply want to establish boundaries for the safety of your kids? Chain link fencing is a great option for clearly demonstrating property boundaries, giving you peace of mind about your yard and home. If safety is your number one priority, a chain link fence can keep children playing in your yard and out of dangerous areas like pools or roads.  

Chain Link Fencing Increases Security 

With the numerous safety options available to add to your chain link fence, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most commonly used security fences. Depending on local codes and laws, barbed wire and razor coils can be added to the top of your fence, greatly reducing a potential intruder’s ability to climb over. Chain link fences can also be made in a variety of grades, from commercial grade to light residential grade fencing. Higher grades have thicker wire diameters, making them tougher to cut. 


If security is a major motivator for you when choosing your next fence, allow your favorite Idaho fence company to show you some of the excellent Boise, ID chain link fence options available to properties in the area.

Establishing Privacy with a Boise, ID Chain Link Fence

With the addition of PVC privacy slats, chain link fences can be transformed into semi-privacy fences that are perfect for your Boise, ID home or business. Privacy fences are great for adding shade and reducing crosswinds, turning your backyard into an oasis. When privacy slats are added to your chain link fence by your Idaho fence company, you will have the benefit of blocking unsightly views. Choosing colored privacy slats allows you to blend your fence into its surroundings. 

Boise, ID Chain Link Fence Keeps Pets Safe 

Giving your pets a safe yard to roam and explore is one of the best ways to get their energy out! Chain link fencing is perfect for creating a secure fenced-in yard or a small dog run. If you have a dog that is prone to running and chasing, a chain link fence is perfect for ensuring your furry friend stays safely contained. While electric fencing may be an appealing option to keep your pup inside your yard, an electric fence does not prevent other animals from entering your yard and interacting with your pup. It’s easy to see why a Boise, ID chain link fence is a great option for pets. 

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