Wood Fences | Anvil Fence Co.

For hundreds of years wood fences have been the fence of choice for residential properties across the United States. Wood is lightweight, affordable, and easily available. However, a wood fence gives the property individuality and character which increases the property value of the home while offering a variety of styles and security or used simply for decoration. Anvil Fence Company are your experts in wood fence installation.

Durability of Wood Fences

The durability of the fence varies greatly on the wood being used. Structurally strong and rot-resistant woods, like cedar and redwood, can last much longer than untreated pine. Termites and fungus are another threat to the fence but can be minimized with proper installation of a rotboard and using wood that has been chemically treated to repel insects. Using these materials helps ensure your fence will last you years to come.

Wood Fence Personalization

Wood provides you with may options for personalization. There are a variety of colors and styles you can use to enhance an existing decorative element in your yard or home, such as a garden or other structures you may have. Wood Fencing gives your home a way to stand out and give an additional flair. This provides you the freedom to choose a style that works for you.

Wood Privacy Fences

Wood fences provide excellent privacy. They can be built quite tall to prevent onlookers from gazing in and panels can be set close or built at various heights to coordinate with surroundings. They can also provide protection from weather like rain or wind. Wood Fences can also lend protection for pets and children and against outside pests like deer or other animals. It is recommended to have a extra wide gate or a section that can be removed to accommodate lawn equipment.