Residential Fencing in Idaho and Eastern Oregon

Are you looking to add beauty, privacy, and/or security to your home? Did you purchase a new home and need a fence to decorate and separate your yard from the neighbors? Anvil Fence has been designing and installing residential fences since 1961 and is one of the highest recommended fence companies in Idaho and Eastern Oregon. With years of experience in residential fencing construction, we are one of the few residential fence builders or fence building companies that can guide you in an intelligent choice of fencing that will fit your particular situation. Rely on our expertise and end up with a beautiful fence that will give you enjoyment for years to come.

Residential Fences | Considerations for Your Backyard Fence

Understanding the purpose of your fence and evaluating the location, style, type, and function are important things to think about, considering your backyard fence will be around for a long time. Let Anvil Fence Company help you select the perfect residential fence!

Fences are built to either contain or exclude someone or something, increase privacy, safety or security, establish land boundaries or for aesthetic purposes.

  • Are you looking to establish a boundary between you and the neighbors or a vacant lot?
  • Do you need to restrain your pets from running through the neighborhood?
  • Are you trying to keep kids and pets out of a vegetable garden or swimming pool?
  • ​​Do you want to create an elegant backdrop for a private sanctuary for meditation or sunbathing?

Residential Fence | Backyard Fence Ideas

Once you know the "Why" you are trying to accomplish, you can start thinking about the "What"! Anvil Fence can help you select the right height, the style, and material based on your desired outcome. We can also advise you on specialty and decorative choices as well as standards for construction and safety.