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Are you trying to make a decision about building your own fence or hiring a professional fence installation service?

Why hire a professional fence installation company or fence contractor to install your fence?

Designing, building and maintaining residential and commercial fences is what we do! Choosing Anvil Fence fence installation services looks like this:

  • Schedule the day or days of the fence installation
  • Arrive on time
  • Install your fence
  • Stick to the plan and timeline
  • Deliver the project within budget
  • Clean up after ourselves.
  • Guarantee our products and workmanship
  • Enjoy your new fence and see how Anvil Fence brought your vision to life.

How to Build a Fence - DIY Fence

The question isn't can you build a fence, the question is do you want to build a fence! Installing a fence is hard work. Just ask any DIY'er about thier experience and the fence installation process. It will most likely look like this:

  1. Hours of online DIY Research
  2. Multiple trips to Home Depot or Lowe's to buy fencing supplies
  3. Squeezing in time to work on the fence
  4. A project that ends up lasting for weeks or months
  5. Digging holes, hand-mixing concrete, standing up posts, fixing mistakes renting or purchasing equipment
  6. A bigger mess than you thought
  7. No warranty and ongoing maintenance
  8. Will your fence end up looking like a DIY project when it's done?

Ask any DIY'er how long it took to build their fence and their typical answer is "pretty much all summer!" Fence installation can be back-breaking work and require tools, equipment and time that the average home and business owner just do not have. Building your own fence will take time away from doing what you need or want to do. You should be prepared to spend evenings making measurements, digging holes, hand-mixing concrete, purchasing supplies, and sweating.. a lot of sweating. The benefit and cost of hiring professional fence builder will almost certainly outweigh the time, effort and cost of installing the fence yourself!

Idaho Fence Contractors - Idaho Fence - Fence Supplies

Anvil Fence is a leading Idaho fence contractor and will give you a FREE Estimate for fence installations. We challenge ourselves to build the best Idaho fence available and use the highest quality fence supplies. Located in Garden City, we serve Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, and Eastern Oregon.