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At Anvil Fence Company, we treat every customer like our only customer and respect your time and budget. Since 1961, we have been providing Caldwell Idaho residents and businesses with beautiful fences made with the highest quality materials on the market.

Not only can we provide you with the fence you need for your commercial or residential property, but our fence professionals are also committed to top-tier customer service from the moment you reach out to our team. Our job is to do ours without adding any extra stress to your daily life and provide you with the fence of your dreams!

Installing a Quality Fence Takes a Lot of Experience and Know-How - Work With the Experts at Anvil Fence Company

Contacting our team is easy; simply call or click to get started on your fencing project today with the Idaho fence experts that have been in business for over 62 years. Come experience the Anvil Fence Company difference - you won't regret it!

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Caldwell Idaho privacy fencing

Privacy Fences
in Caldwell Idaho

In the heart of Caldwell, privacy is not just a luxury-it's essential. Privacy fences stand as silent guardians, ensuring both seclusion and security for every homeowner.

Caldwell Idaho Wood Privacy Fences

Caldwell is renowned for its wood fences, especially styles like a classic picket fence, solid board, shadowbox, horizontal and post and rail. With their inherent natural beauty, these wood fences grant privacy and become a statement piece, easily customizable.

Caldwell Wood Privacy Fencing

Caldwell Idaho Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl is the modern choice for many in Caldwell. With styles such as solid privacy, lattice top, horizontal, and scalloped top, these fences promise longevity and minimal maintenance, making them a popular pick for the discerning homeowner.

Caldwell Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Caldwell Idaho Privacy Slats for Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences with privacy slats have emerged as a practical choice for many in Caldwell. Combining the strength of chain link with the discretion of privacy slats, these fences offer a balance of durability and privacy.

Caldwell Chain Link Privacy Fencing

Caldwell Idaho Mixed Material Privacy Fences

A mixed material privacy fence combines the durability of materials like wood, composite boards, offering a blend of aesthetics and functionality. This fence provides enhanced privacy and security while adding visual appeal to outdoor spaces. Its varied textures and colors allow for customization, complementing any architectural style. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance, ensuring long-term value.

Caldwell Mixed Material Privacy Fencing

Wood Fences in Caldwell Idaho

Wood fences are a great option for Caldwell Idaho residents because of the tremendous number of custom styles and colors you can achieve with wood fencing materials. Below, we are providing a partial list of the most popular fence styles chosen by your friends and neighbors across the greater Caldwell area.

Caldwell ID Ranch Rail wood fence

Caldwell Idaho Ranch Rail Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Caldwell is the ranch rail.

Caldwell ID stockade style wood fence

Caldwell Idaho Stockade Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Caldwell is the stockade style.

Caldwell ID cap and trim style wood fence

Caldwell Idaho Cap & Trim Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Caldwell is the Cap & Trim style.

Caldwell ID horizontal style wood fence

Caldwell Idaho Horizontal Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Caldwell is the Horizontal style.

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Chat with our friendly, expert team of fence professionals about your ideas for your fence project and get your questions answered. We are thrilled to be here to help you discover your perfect fence fit for your Caldwell Idaho commercial or residential property!

Fencing Styles we Recommend for Caldwell

Our fence installers at Anvil Fence Company have 62 years of experience, so we have built every type of fence that you can imagine! No matter your property type or the purpose for your new fence, we can help you make the right selections! Anvil Fence Company offers several types of fence to choose from, including Aluminum Fences, Vinyl Fences, Chain Link Fences, Wood Fences, Ornamental Iron Fences, and Mixed Material Fences.

Aluminum Fence, ornamental Iron Fence,  Vinyl fence, Wood Fence and chain link fence options in the Caldwell, Idaho area.
mixed material fence options in the Caldwell, Idaho area.

Achieve the privacy you desire without compromising on aesthetics with our mixed material fences. Homeowners in Caldwell and the surrounding area love the versatility of wood or vinyl panels combined with an aluminum frame, as they create a solid barrier that ensures privacy and enhances the security of your property. Whatever your requirements, a mixed material fence can be customized to fit so you get the exact fence you've been dreaming of! You can have a fence that's the envy of the neighborhood!

Explore Mixed Material Fence Options
Wood fence options in the Caldwell, Idaho area.

At Anvil Fence Company, we have installed hundreds of wood fences for homeowners and business owners who love the quaint charm afforded by a wood fence. It's fast and affordable to construct, which helps to keep the overall cost low. Choose a high-quality wood such as cedar, which will last a long time and look amazing, or choose the less expensive option of pressure-treated pine. Add a gate, choose the style and finish for your wood fence, and enjoy a charming new space!

Explore Wood Fence Options
Vinyl fence options in the Caldwell, Idaho area.

Vinyl fences are trending among homeowners and business owners in Caldwell, Idaho! This type of fence is a durable and attractive choice and can be designed in a variety of styles and layouts. Whether you want a short, gated picket fence around your front yard or tall, gapless panels for privacy and protection, there's a vinyl fencing solution that's just for you. Always built to last, Anvil Fence Company uses the highest quality vinyl fencing for every local project.

Explore Vinyl Fence Options
ornamental iron fence options in the Caldwell-Idaho area.

There's nothing classier than a strong, ornamental steel fence along the perimeter of a property. Ornamental steel fences are a desirable choice for your Caldwell home or business. This strong and resilient fencing material is made to withstand the harshest types of weather and will look brand new for decades without needing any repairs or maintenance. Heavy metal fences, like ornamental iron fences, are usually more expensive than other types, but Anvil Fence Company offers financing solutions if needed.

Explore ornamental Iron Fence Options
Chain Link fence options in the caldwell-idaho area.

Chain link fences are the most affordable option and a very popular selection for our local customers in Anvil Fence Company. Our chain link fencing comes in multiple gauges so you can control the thickness and also adjust the cost of your project. We install chain link fences around homes and businesses across Idaho to provide protection and security without breaking the bank. For style enhancement, consider going with the PVC coating. For added security, consider wires and extension poles.

Explore Chain Link Fence Options
Aluminum fence options in the Caldwell, Idaho area.

Aluminum fences are a very popular choice for Caldwell pool fences, front yards, patios, gardens, and business entrances. These strong fences are more costly than wood or vinyl but are a worthy investment for security and sophistication. Aluminum fences last for decades without any fuss or maintenance, and they add elegance to any property. At Anvil Fence Company, we provide access gates and decorative finials to enhance your aluminum fence! Explore our large selection of aluminum fencing options and styles.

Explore Aluminum Fences

Caldwell Idaho Residential and Commercial Fencing Solutions

Anvil Fence Company stands as the preferred partner for homeowners and business owners in Caldwell, delivering outstanding fencing solutions. Whether you're in the market for Residential Fencing or Commercial Fencing, we offer a great selection that aligns with your budget and preferences.

Caldwell Idaho residential fencing company

Caldwell IdahoResidential Fences

Transform your home with the expertise of one of the premier residential fence companies in Caldwell Idaho. Our extensive range of residential fencing options guarantees a perfect solution for every Caldwell homeowner.

Caldwell Residential Fencing
Caldwell Idaho commercial fencing company

Caldwell IdahoCommercial Fences

Secure your business with confidence, choosing Anvil Fence Company as your premier partner for commercial fencing in Caldwell Idaho. Renowned for our dependability, we provide a comprehensive selection of commercial fencing options, ensuring we stand out as one of the best choices for Caldwell's commercial fencing needs.

Caldwell Commercial Fencing

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Get your instant fence price quote today with our online, instant estimator tool. It's completely free to use and you can compare all of the styles, materials, and configurations for your Caldwell Idaho fence.

A Fence Company in Caldwell with Premier Fencing Solutions

Idaho's Oldest Fence Company

As a locally owned and operated company serving property owners in residential and commercial spaces in the Caldwell area, Anvil Fence Company takes great pride in exceeding the expectations of our customers with excellence in service and high-quality work.

For over 62 years, residents of Caldwell Idaho have relied on our fence professionals for all of their fencing needs. We are incredibly honored to be the top fencing company in our region and take our responsibility to our customers seriously. Our quality craftsmen set our company apart and we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers on each project.

Learn more about our products and services available in the Caldwell Idaho area, and how we serve property owners all across the region. Whether you need residential or commercial fencing, speak to one of our fence experts to get started on your fence project today!

The Anvil Fence Company Difference in Caldwell Idaho Fence Installations

Buying a Fence in Caldwell Idaho

Our Easy Process

In order to get a fence installed by Anvil Fence Company in the Caldwell area, follow these easy steps for success! As you shop our wide selection of fence types and styles, work with our team to make your process a great experience.

Buying a fence step 1: Design Your Fence Online

Measure the Property

Plan out the space for your property that will be enclosed by your new fence. The size and shape of your area will determine the amount of materials needed and help calculate the overall cost.

Buying a fence step 2: Speak with Our Fence Expert

Choose a Style

Decide on the exact style of the fence material you prefer. From wood fences, chain link fences, aluminum fences, ornamental iron fences, mixed material fences, and vinyl fences, there are many great styles to choose from based on your needs and preferences.

Buying a fence step 3: Installation

Delivery & Installation

Once we have the order for your exact type of fence, style, and size of the property, we can choose a date with you for installation and delivery!

Get Information From the Fence Pros

Our team of fence experts is ready to help you find the perfect fence design and style for you in the Caldwell area. Reach out with your questions right away - our team cannot wait to bring your fence dream to life!

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Caldwell Fence FAQs

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions by many of our new customers.

We make it simple to request an estimate from Anvil Fence Company! Our simple Instant Quote Tool allows you to obtain an estimate with a few clicks. You can also contact our office staff through our online contact form or by phone, and one of our friendly fence professionals will walk you through the whole process. Before you call, make sure you have your property measurements and have looked at the different styles of fencing we have available on our website. We'll be pleased to assist you in designing your fence and finding the best option for your needs!

Our company services numerous neighboring communities, including Caldwell. We are honored to serve our local and nearby areas, so contact us today for the best service and installation in the area!

It depends on the type of fence. Wood fences may require staining or painting every 2-3 years, while vinyl, aluminum, and ornamental iron fences typically require little maintenance. Chain link fences may need tightening, and damaged parts may require replacement, but they also serve as a low-maintenance alternative. The mixed-material fence system demands almost no upkeep, but it depends on the infill material you choose!

Anvil Fence Company has been constructing fences in ID since 1961. Our hard work and commitment to excellence have made us one of the most respected fence companies in the Caldwell area. If you want high-quality fencing with excellent service, then contact our team of experts right now.

At our company, we take pride in offering a diverse range of fencing options to meet your unique needs. From the timeless charm of wood to the durability of vinyl, the elegance of ornamental iron, the versatility of chain link, the modern appeal of mixed materials, and the lightweight strength of aluminum, we have a comprehensive selection of fences. Whatever your style or needs, our expert team is here to guide you in choosing the perfect fencing solution for your property.

At Anvil Fence Company, we prioritize quality by selecting fencing materials from high-quality manufacturers. Depending on your chosen material or style, you may be eligible for manufacturer warranties. For detailed information about your specific warranty, feel free to consult our team of experts.

Our commitment to excellence not only encompasses materials but also extends to workmanship. We take pride in our craftsmanship and ensure customer satisfaction. If any issues arise post-installation or if you have concerns about your Anvil Fence Company fence, our dedicated team of fence professionals are ready to assist you.

View Examples of Caldwell Idaho Fences

See some of the fences we've installed across the region, and view our entire gallery!

Our photo gallery contains photos of fences we have installed in and around Caldwell. We have included several examples that showcase the diverse fence materials, designs, and styles that we have available. If you need new design ideas or inspiration, take a look at our photo gallery!

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