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The chain link fencing system is an ideal choice when you want a secure fence that protects your landscaping while leaving it visible to the public. Chain Link is a proven and worthwhile investment for containment and exclusion purposes. Chain Link and Vinyl Coated Chain Link are good choices when considering durability, security, and cost. Chain link Fences also allow law enforcement, neighborhood watch or private security companies to see beyond your boundaries which adds a lot of security when paired with outdoor lighting and have a large space to fence in.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fences add color and help the fence blend into the landscape. If people, pets or other animals come into close proximity to the vinyl coated fence, they will be protected from scratches if they rub up against the fence

Durability - Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing is made from high-quality, low carbon, and galvanized steel wire. Depending on your needs there are different thicknesses of wire and strength. However, Chain Link Fences are built to last. They do not rust, even in standing water or bad weather. They are excellent in windy conditions and are very low maintenance. Replacement parts and sizes are standardized so that Chain Link Fences are easy to fix.

High-Security Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link and Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fences are tough. If the role of your fence is to protect your perimeter, you can select from different heights, the size of the posts, the diameter of the fence and can be configured with barbed wire or Razor wire at the top. You also have a wide variety of options for electric or manual security gates. This type of fence is great for utility yards, overnight vehicle parking, and pretty much anywhere you need high-security.

Economy - Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

When thinking about Chain Link Fencing and Vinyl Chain Link Fencing, think about total cost of ownership. There is a reason that chain link fencing is a favorite for commercial and industrial use. When you need to secure large, open spaces, nothing beats the economics of the chain link fence because its low maintenance, durability and performance, no other fencing application is as cost-effective over the long run.

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